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St. Remy Catholic Church Entry

I was commissioned in April 2014 to update the main entrance of the St. Remy Catholic Church in Russia, Ohio. The job entails new entry doors, a new jamb, the 7 arch transom, lintel, 6" wide molding and arched tympanum, all in American walnut.

The cornerstone for St. Remy Church was laid and blessed on July or August 17, 1890, by the Very Reverend Henry Drees, Provincial of the Congregation of the Most Precious Blood. On December 17, 1890, the church was completed except for plastering. It was probably dedicated in 1891. The church is made of red brick in purely Roman style and faces Main Street.

The first idea was to match the doors in the old photo below but I thought the original architect would have proposed a more elegant design but was limited by a $8500 budget for the entire project. My design echoes the arched niches on each side of the doors and the 7 arch transom above the doors.

St. Remy Catholic Church

Some time in the past the original wood doors were replaced with aluminum store front glass doors.

Below is the only photo of the original doors.

St. Remy Catholic Church original entry doors

The new doors will be 8'x 45"x 3-1/2" thick, the wood is rough cut to length and marked for location.

Rough cut walnut

The door is a layered design with molding, below is the center layer showing the traditional mortise and tenon construction.

The two center sections dry clamped together.

Entry door center sections

The completed door with molding, the two arched top openings will have diamond pattern leaded glass. I pre-finish the raised panels before assembly, that way all the panels edges are sealed against moisture.

The new walnut 7 arch transom matches the existing transom.

7 arch transom

The walnut trim matches the original inside and outside molding and is 6" wide x 5-1/2" thick.

walnut molding

The bottom of the inside and outside molding rests on 4 plinth blocks.

A completed door ready for finishing.


The doors and trim are stained to even out the natural variation in the walnut's color and finished with McCloskey Man O' War Satin Spar Varnish which has excellent durability in extreme conditions.

All the pieces of the entry are laid out in my shop to dry after the final coat has been applied. The finished pieces will be carefully crated and shipped to Ohio.

St Remy Church entry ready for crating


The installation is almost completed.

St Remy Church walnut entry


St. Remy walnut entry closeup


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