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For Sale by Original Owner

1977 Jeep Wagoneer

SOLD $6,000.00 SOLD









1977 Jeep Wagoneer







1977 Jeep Wagoneer

April 5, 2024

Tucson, Arizona

For Sale by Original Owner
1977 Jeep Wagoneer
SOLD $6,0000.00 SOLD

I see lots of rough looking Wagoneers that don't run or need "just a little" work, this isn't one of those. This '77 Jeep Wagoneer was my daily driver until recently. Runs perfectly, drive it home today! Street legal, tags renewed and good until 01/01/2025.

My ‘77 Wagoneer is in good condition, meticulously maintained as close to stock as practical. The Jeep has ZERO emission control systems. NO catalytic converter (stock configuration on this model). Engine PASSES Arizona Emissions Test easily (see below).

All service and repair records from 1978 included.

Minimal rust and solid frame. I moved to Tucson, Arizona in 1978, 45 years in the desert has preserved the body, it’s a dry heat. The Jeep has never been in an accident although it has the appropriate amount of small dents for a 46 year old vehicle. Drive as-is and go 4-wheeling without fear of damage or scratches. This Wagoneer will go anywhere and climb anything, the stock 360 V8 engine, Quadra-Trac automatic transmission with the 2.57:1 Borg-Warner BW1339 low range reduction unit will get you there and back in style.

Original Owner’s Manual and Technical Service Manual included. The Technical Service Manual has every specification, procedure and tool needed to diagnose, service and repair every part including engine, Quadra-Trac transmission and transfer case.

1977 JEEP WAGONEER – 360 V8, 2 barrel carburetor, Quadra-Trac full time 4-wheel drive, 2.57:1 Borg-Warner BW1339 low range reduction unit w/Emergency Drive, factory installed under dash A/C (R134), cruise control, AM-FM radio with CD player, original aluminum alloy mag wheels, 2nd row folding bench seat in perfect condition with original fabric.
Vehicle is as close to stock as possible.
Current Mileage: 280,970 - burns very little, if any oil
VIN: J7A15MN068574
Note: VIN ID was only 13 characters long in 1977.
Purchase Date: 07-22-1977 Kohl Motors, Ogallala, NE

Clear Title
Sale Price: SOLD $6,000.00 SOLD

Maintenance Highlights:

06-06-1997 @ 52,450 miles
Engine was rebuilt to very, very close tolerances because it was originally a bad build. Rebuild included: grind crank, bore block, replace pistons, replace cam bearings, install liners, surface head, valve seats, new intake and exhaust valves.
Engine still runs very smooth and strong and uses very little oil.

Passes AZ Department of Environmental Quality Emissions Test (12-05-2023):
Hydrocarbons (HC) in PPM Final Reading 118 PASS – Idle Standard fail is 350
Carbon Monoxide (CO) in IN% Final Reading 1.97 PASS – Idle Standard fail is 4.00

02-01-2002 Rebuild front and rear leaf springs
Re-arch front and rear springs for 2” lift
Rear springs has 1 added leaf for increased load capacity and heavier trailer tongue weight.

06-20-2017 New shocks
Rancho 9000XL 9-way adjustable front and rear
Rancho RS5000 stabilizer shock

09-22-2017 New tires @ 265,559 miles
Goodyear Wrangler P235/75R15
ew front wheel bearings and grease seals
Tires have 15,391 miles and are half worn

03-06-2019 @ 274,827 miles
New front disk brake pads and rotors
Front drive shaft double cardan (constant velocity) U-joint replaced

06-11-2021 @ 280,626 miles
A/C retrofit and converted to use R134 Freon
New custom hoses, condenser and drier

03-28-2024 @ 280,970 miles
Driver's side window regulator replaced, all windows and tailgate window crank up and down easily
New driver and passenger door window weatherstrip. Oh boy that was a job chipping out 46 year old weatherstrip.
New L & R rear door window wipes, inside and outside
New front passenger door lock spring installed, button now stays up!
New OEM cruise control bellow
New front running lights with lenses

Known areas that will need service sometime in the future:
Very small transmission leak – front pump seal, needs 1 pint transmission fluid every couple months
Small A/C compressor Freon leak, needs $30 Freon at beginning of summer.
Interior and headliner need to be upgraded


1977 Jeep Wagoneer


New front running lights with lenses were recently installed, this Wagoneer looks real classy at night

1977 Jeep Wagoneer


VIN 1977 Jeep Wagoneer


1977 Jeep Wagoneer dashboard


Analog gauges showing mileage and excellent oil pressure

Guages 1977 Jeep Wagoneer


2nd row bwnch seat 1977 Jeep Wagoneer


Cargo area 1977 Jeep Wagoneer


360 V8 engine 1977 Jeep Wagoneer


New OEM cruise control bellows made from 100% unobtanium

1977 Jeep Wagoneer cruise control bellows


1977 Jeep Wagoneer front left door



1977 Jeep Wagoneer front right door


1977 Jeep Wagoneer real left door


1977 Jeep Wagoneer rear right door


hood rust 1977 Jeep Wagoneer


door rust 1977 Jeep Wagoneer


rear fender rust 1977 Jeep Wagoneer


rear fender rust 1977 Jeep Wagoneer


rear fender rust 1977 Jeep Wagoneer


rear fender rust 1977 Jeep Wagoneer


door rust 1977 Jeep Wagoneer


Owner & Technical Service Manual 1977 Jeep Wagoneer


Technical Service Manual 1977 Jeep Wagoneer


The photos below were probably taken during the fall and winter of 1977,
of course one of the first things to do with a brand new 4-wheel drive Jeep is to drive it onto a frozen lake.

The hill climb was in the fall of 1977. The Jeep had the stock white wall street tires but would still climb like a badger.

Back in the '70's the co-pilot was in charge of the beers, as you can see Jack was doing a fine job.

1977 Jeep Wagoneer  on a frozen lake


1977 Jeep Wagoneer on a frozen lake


1977 Jeep Wagoneer hill climb




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