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September 10, 2002

The Eclectic Table has finally been added to the photo gallery.

Eclectic Table
Eclectic Table

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January 11, 2002

Rustic arched top entry door

Speakeasy Grill

A 2" thick rustic fir door with carving. A work in progress. The small speakeasy door has a wrought iron latch and hinges. The outside wrought iron grill over the speakeasy door and the handmade rosettes are made by Flores Blacksmiths in Tucson. The door is 8'-4" tall x 42" wide.


December 21, 2001

These Mexican style alder wood entry doors are 3" thick. The custom designed wrought iron grills are hinged and open for glass cleaning. The bottom raised panel is 2 1/2" thick and made from a wide plank of alder. The back patio doors, which are open in the photo, match the entry doors.


August 14, 2001

Mesquite veneered door.
Mesquite Veneered Door

The 9 1/2" wide x 8' high jamb, door stop, and 4" wide casing

A completed mesquite veneered door with solid mesquite jamb and casing.
The door is 8 ' high x 35 " wide x 2 1/2" thick. The 1/8" thick veneer is made in my shop from a single plank that was only 2" thick and a little over 9" wide. The veneer on each side of the door is made into a 3'x8' sheet before applying to the built up core. The modified core is made from a 1 3/4" thick premium grade solid core door that has 1/4" MDF applied to both sides with West brand epoxy. The veneer is also glued on with epoxy and both sides are exactly the same. I use a vacuum bag veneer press made by Mercury Vacuum Presses. The sides, top and bottom have thick mesquite edge banding and the door appears to be made from four thick planks glued together.


July 4, 2001

I am working on a large, 12' x 12' entry made out of cherry wood and glass. The temporary panels will be replaced with insulated glass that has a custom design etched and sandblasted on the inside pane. The vertical posts will have cherry wood custom fluted casing with plynth blocks after the floor tile is set.

The rough opening

Setting the fir mortice and tenon frame that the cherry jamb will fit into. This is the most critical part of the install, it has to be perfectly plumb and square. That is Dave helping me out for the day.

The fir jamb and Dave, looking out toward the Catalina Mountains and the porta-potty.

Cherry jamb installed. The fluted casing will be installed after the tile is set. The two doors are 8' high x 3' wide each.

Fluted casing and etched thermopane glass installed.

January 22, 2001

This is a massive natural edge mesquite mantle cut from a large log I saw at the mill. The mantle measures 8'-6" long x 7" thick x 11" wide, and probably weighs 300 lbs. The bark is removed and the sapwood is sanded off following the natural curves of the tree. I start with #36 grit sandpaper and work up to #220 grit, the worm holes are filled with black tinted West brand epoxy, the finish is an oil/varnish mixture hand buffed and waxed to a soft luster.


August 18, 2000

Walnut Entry Doors with Arched Top

Raised Panel Closeup

These walnut doors are a little over 8' tall, and a little under 6' wide. The raised panels are 2 1/2" thick in the center, and are made by glueing two 1 1/4" thick raised panels together back-to-back with a lot of clamps. The 4" wide raised panel border was cut with a custom cutterhead in a Williams & Hussey molding machine, the center peak was cut with a bandsaw and hand planes.

The curved molding was also made with the W&H machine. The door will have 5" wide casing inside and out. The center chair rail molding is one solid piece of walnut, 2 1/2" thick, and made with custom router bits.

All the joinery is 3"x 5/8" traditional mortice and tenon with waterproof glue.

The doors are slightly distressed and chemically aged. The finish is an oil/varnish mixture, hand rubbed and waxed to a soft luster.

New: Photo of the finished and installed walnut doors.



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